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Khanya Project

Vredendal High School is 67 years old and serves the children of the Vredendal and South Namakwaland area. The school is not new to technology as it has a computer laboratory which is used for computyping and computer science.

However, as this facility is used to its capacity, other teachers seldom get the opportunity to take learners there for the curriculum delivery of other learning areas. The Further Education and Training (F.E.T) band which was introduced in 2006 requires computer support for many learning areas in grade 10 and this placed additional pressure on the existing facility. In addition, the staff at Vredendal High felt that there was a need to expose learners in other grades to technology for curriculum support in learning areas like mathematics and science.

A second laboratory has therefore been established at the school by the Khanya Project. The school is thus on the forefront of technology in education with two Electronic Interactive Whiteboards, a data projector, a server, their current laboratory and a second one fitted out with new computers.

The staff, Governing Body, parents and learners at Vredendal High are very positive about this project and see it as a challenge. The staff has already begun their training and the goal of this is to ensure that all educators are e-educators. They are so supportive of this new venture that a number of them have already invested in their own laptops to assist with their lesson preparation and delivery.

The Khanya laboratory at Vredendal High is a more inclusive facility which enables all educators and all learners access to the technology previously restricted to computer subjects. All of those involved in the project believe that it will improve the skills of the learners and the educators and enable the educators to use the technology as an instrument to improve the subject knowledge of the learners.